How we Started

The show was the brainchild of local Wychavon councillor for Great Hampton Ged Bearcroft in 2016. With a group of friends and support from local business and a grant from Wychavon, they began to plan how this show could get off the ground. 

Building on the heritage of The Vale of Evesham, it was clear there was a great deal of local talent when it comes to growing. The area has a tradition of local village shows but the previous local show came to an end around 15 years before. 

Hampton is the site of massive redevelopment and the community has grown in size, and continues to grow. A show seemed the perfect opportunity to rekindle a traditional show for vegetables, fruit and flowers alongside nurturing a sense of community to encompass the new with old residents of Hampton. 

The site was identified and with the support of Builders Bellway and Bloor planning began. 

A competition was arranged with our local Primary School St Andrews, the competition was to design our logo. The winner Erin Lilley's design can be seen on all of our posters, schedule's and pages. 

The committee were keen to develop the show which is inclusive to as many sections of the community as possible. As well those with talents for growing we want to encourage those who are new, who are just beginning to grow their own food and gardens to enjoy. The competition has to include baking, making and include those with  artistic flare. In the days before the show the garden and hanging basket entries are judged. More than anything else the most important thing is that the show is a day of fun for the whole community to enjoy. 

The first show, opened by Nigel Huddleston MP for Mid Worcestershire, took place in September 2017 and was hugely successful. The support of the community was overwhelming with almost 400 exhibits. In the first year we had only one cup to offer which was awarded to Angela Arthur for Overall Show Winner.      


The Second Year

The committee learnt a lot in the first year, but encouraged by the support of the community they soon started plans for the second year. 

We added Photography to the category list which proved to be a very popular choice. In addition St Andrews CE First School joined us to make sure every child attending the school had the opportunity to enter something into the show. The display that this made in the show marquee was tremendous and enjoyed by all. The school entries helped to swell the numbers of exhibits in year two and we were very proud when The Town Cryer John Raphael  opened the marquee and show almost 700 exhibits to the public.  

Outside of the marquee the shone shone and crowds enjoyed a great selection of Children's entertainment. We were pleased to welcome Dogs Trust who hosted and dog show, a great crowd pleaser. Dogs Trust return again in 2019. 

We were lucky have more cups donated for individual category winners for our second year. In 2018 the overall Show Winner was Colin Disley.